Testimonial Lilia D

Alina K.

My older son practices tae kwon do at Grand Master H.K.Lee for three years and my middle son started six months ago. Grandmaster HK Lee offers more than just martial arts, he is educator and leader that cares about his students. The leadership program teaches responsibility and respect. The classes are offered six days a week which allows more flexibility. The after school program program is great.

Testimonial - Sandy D.

​​​They are great with children and their after school care is a real bargain. Every time I have heard Grandmaster Lee talk with the children it was with kindness and wisdom.

Testimonial - Scot F.
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Last summer I was looking for a summer camp for my five year old, and decided to try H K Lee for two weeks. My son ended up going there the whole summer. When I compared the prices for different summer camps H K Lee was a real bargain; not only my son got to practice TKD every day but they also had field trips every day as well as went to the pool every Friday.
I have seen so many beneficial changes in my son at the end of the summer, he learned a great deal about discipline, respect and positive attitude. From "I can't do that..." he moved on to "I will not give up!"
I decided to enroll him in the after-school program which made my son very happy. He does his homework under supervision there, has his TKD practice, as well as music classes once a week. The staff is very caring and my son has established very warm relationships with the kids and with the Masters there, in fact he wanted to have his birthday party as H K Lee which turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids we invited and for the adults. Even my husband was impressed, which says a lot! We have decided that our youngest son will go there too next year. It is hard to trust somebody with your children, but I definitively recommend H K Lee because they have proven to me their integrity and the values they stand by.

Updated 9/4/2015
So, my son went again to H K Lee summer camp and will continue to go to the after school program. This is because I feel I found the best place for my son and I only want what is best for him. I have recommended this program to another family which ended up signing their son for the summer camp and for the after school program. At Open House when I met them they were so grateful that I recommended this place to them and although their son did not earn his belt yet they have definitely seen improvement in his behavior. The reason I mention earning the belt is because one of the previous reviewers blamed the staff at H K Lee for promising a belt to his son but then not giving it to him. Well, the way it works, you actually have to EARN your belt and in order to earn it you have to work hard regardless of how young you are. This is called building character and responsibility. If children were to be "given belts" it would completely defeat the whole purpose of Tae Kwon Do. One is never too young to be taught to be hard working and respectful. Those are life skills that have to be consistently taught and reinforced by both parents, teachers and mentors. So, hypothetically speaking, if for any reason my child does not deserve his belt, kudos to the staff for being just and for sending the right message. I would rather have my child not having a belt than receiving it without deserving it.

Scot F.

Lilia D.

My daughter attended the after school program at H.K. Lee for over a year and she loved it. Our positive experience started the moment we inquired about the academy. We were given a tour of the facilities and were impressed. My daughter developed her TKD skills at an impressive rate and I attribute it to the quality of the teachings and the excellence of the masters. The masters, staff, and administration are wonderful and we miss them greatly. I always appreciated their involvement in every area of my daughter's development. I had all around support from wonderful people like Mrs. Janelle, Mr. Alex, Master Lee, Mrs. Lee, Master Cho, the front desk staff, and the wonderful students who set a good example to my daughter and were excellent role models. My daughter continued her TKD training at a different academy in our new town and her new masters were greatly impressed by her technique. All I could think was, "Of course she's great, she comes from H.K. Lee." H.K. Lee is without a doubt the best school in the Northern Virginia area.

Sandy D.

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