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How Adults Benefit

Stress Management    Weight Maintenance        Confidence
Leadership                 Focus                              Muscle Tone

Endurance                  Strength                          Flexibility

Range of Motion         Cardio Health                  Vascular Health

Transported Before/After Martial Arts Program

Drop them off before the bell. Pick them up at the bell. All Children wear seat belts. Buses driven by Commercial Licensed Drivers. Escorted in safely. Homework Room. Game Room. TaeKwonDo Lessons. Kiss & Ride. Special Teacher Workday hours, Snow hours. 

How Tots Benefit

Spacial Relation           Coordination                  Confidence

Balance                       Awareness                     Concentration

Martial Arts Birthday Party

Start in the Game Room with Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Video Games, Lego and a Moon Bounce. Instructors will give a TaeKwonDo Demo and lesson concluding with Board Breaking. A Medallion for the Birthday Child and Cut the Cake with a Real Katana Sword !

"The Family that Kicks Together Sticks Together"

How Children Benefit

Strength of Body        Strength of Character       Strength of Mind

Confidence                Focus                              Endurance

Respect                     Leadership                      Sociability​

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