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​​If you loveTaeKwonDo and want to experience a reputable TaeKwonDo Championship then 

you don't want to miss Grandmaster H.K. Lee's 42nd year Anniversary in Herndon, Virginia

and the 39th Annual National Capitol Open TaeKwonDo Championship,

the Washington D.C. Area's most respected and acclaimed Tournament.

You can choose to experience one or more competitions: Forms, Sparring, and Team demonstrations. 

The2018 National Capitol Open TaeKwonDo Championshipoffers sparring categories for both open competition using modified World TaeKwonDo rules and elite Black Belt competition using full World TaeKwonDo rules and regulations. 

Thank you and we hope to see you all at the Championship. 

Grandmaster H.K. Lee     and     Master J.C. Thomas
Download Information/Registration Packet:

Flyer - 2018 National Capitol Open
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