Kukkiwon World TaeKwonDo HQ



US TaeKwondDo Union

17,000+ sq ft! Three Spacious Training Rooms. A Waiting Area complete with Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Etc.  A Pro-Shop to buy uniforms and equipment. WiFi for internet access. Homework Room. Music Spectrum is also co-located for Vocal, Instruments, Dance and Art Lessons.

World TaeKwonDo Federation

 Security measures for the safety and well being of our Students:

  • There is always someone at the front desk when children programs are in session
  • State of the art security cameras allow the front desk to monitor and replay as needed (includes parking area, halls, dojangs)
  • Rooms are designed with picture windows to allow public viewing
  • Parents are welcome to watch any or all TaeKwonDo training sessions
  • All rooms used for children programs are under constant supervision when in use
  • Your children are supervised by TaeKwonDo Masters and High Ranking Black Belts
  • First Aid and ice packs are located at the Front Desk
  • You/Your Children are being taught self-defense
  • Buses and Vans are all equipped with seat belts
  • All of our Bus Drivers have Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) and are held to a higher standard 
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