CHILDREN'S SUMMER CAMPA fun way to get over the "Im' Bored" mood. Enjoy TaeKwonDo plus exciting and education Field Trips, STEM Projects, Team Games and so much more. Past activities have included: Children's Science Center, Kennedy Center Tour, Children's Museum, Chick-E-Cheese, Movie Theater, Ice-Skating, Bowling, Laser Tag, Music & Art Workshop, etc. Don't miss the fun to share this opportunity with Friends and schoolmates. 

KUB (WHITE - HIGH RED) BELT EXAM - This exam is for Kub Ranks (White Belts through High Red Belts) to test and be promoted to the next rank. This is an exciting event, especially for those advancing in rank. Watch Forms, Sparring, Board Breaking and Self Defense. Cheer on your Family and friends! See flyer for details.

HERNDON FESTIVAL - Every year we share the benefits of TaeKwonDo with Herndon Residents and Guests by wearing our H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo Uniforms and distributing Flyers just outside the Festival area. Put your name or mark on the flyer and if someone returns a flyer with your with your name or mark, you could earn Referral Rewards! Oh...Enjoy the Festival! See the Front Desk for Details on how you may participate!

Parents Night Out
World TaeKwonDo Federation
Kukkiwon World TaeKwonDo HQ
Annual Family Picnic

2018 CALENDAR OF EVENTS*  - Displays the planned events for the Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo year. Events include, but are not limited to: The National Capitol Open TaeKwonDo Championship, Exams, Banquet, Picnic, Harvest Festival, Grandparent, Parent and Teacher Appreciation Days, Clean-Up & Cook-Out Day, Transported After School Martial Art Program Special Days, Spring Camp, Summer Camps and Winter Camp, Parent's Night Out, Korea Trip Dates, etc. Some special presentations or events may not be scheduled and will be announced as they occur. *Dates are subject to change. 

ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC - Good Food!  Sports!  Games!  Prizes!  A good old-fashioned Picnic for all ages! Potato Sack Races, Tug-A-War, Three Legged Races, Treasure Hunts, etc. On the Lawn Music, Grilling, Main Courses, a variety of Side Dishes, Desserts, Cold Drinks, good Conversation. Sign-up is at the front desk.

US TaeKwondDo Union


PARENT'S NIGHT OUT -CHILDREN'S FUN NIGHT  - Want a night just to do your own thing? Date? Dinner? Movie? Just Relax? Meanwhile, your child can enjoy Pizza Dinner, Snacks, Themed activities, run by responsible H..K Lee TaeKwonDo staff? This is way cheaper than a hiring a sitter and way more fun!

Summer Camp - Park


WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE*  - A Schedule of Classes throughout the week.  The schedule includes the class times, days of the week, class type and students (by age or rank), specifically lesson times for: Private lesson, Adults, Family, Children, Black Belt, Demonstration Team, Sparring, Poomsae, Transported After School Martial Arts, Independent Study, and All Ages/All Ranks. While special classes are recommended for 4-6, and others reserved for adults only, most classes are for All Ranks/All Ages and Member Students may attend any or all classes that apply. We do require two or more classes per week so what is learned is retained. * The Weekly Class Schedule is subject to change. 

Kub Exam

DEMO TEAM TRYOUTS - The Famous Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy Demonstration Team has performed at Parades, Festivals, Movie Openings, Wolf Trap, Blue & Golds, etc. They do the Hollywood type Martial Art Stunts! Sound Interesting?! You should attend the tryouts! They will teach you what you need to know and then the fun begins. See the Front Desk for more information on how you can be a part of this fun and educational activity!

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