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Please review the below updated B4 & After-school (BAMP) Official Snow, Holiday, Early Dismissal & Teacher Work Day Policies:

FCPS snow delays: B4 School follows FCPS delays (For example: For a 1-hour delay, we open at 8am. For a 2-hour delay we open at 9am). AMP (After-school) will be picked up as normal on days with delays.

FCPS snow day closings: we open for all students at 11am.

ALL Early Dismissals: we pick up for all early dismissals from schools regardless of FCPS schedule, so that you can maintain a consistent work schedule, and have peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands!

Teacher Workdays: we will open at 7am for B4 school students & 8am for AMP students. 

Holidays: For holidays we are scheduled to be open, you may drop your BAMP student off at 11am. (This excludes extended breaks: Winter & Spring) Check out our yearly calendar for scheduled holiday openings.

Winter & Spring Break: BAMP “Annual” students may register at a low discounted rate for camps or attend regularly scheduled classes only. BAMP Flexible program students may attend camps during Winter & Spring break for the normal camp fees.

Note: We always strive for excellence and understand you rely on us. If we can safely open earlier for B4 school students than the official posted time, we will post on our FB page as well as update our voicemail system to reflect the change in time.

If you are enrolled in AMP, but not enrolled in B4 school and need assistance in the morning on days with delays or closings, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 703-437-5111 or by email at 

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Flyer - Before and After School Program

Our Transported After School Martial Arts Program is the answer to your child's after-school needs:

* Trained, enthusiastic, caring staff
* Transportation provided from local schools, even on snow days and early dismissal days.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do instruction has been proven to dramatically help improve school grades by helping children set goals, focus and discipline themselves, while building their confidence and self-esteem. We emphasize character and leadership development, especially caring and respect for others.

* Full day program on most school days off, at no extra charge
* Daily martial arts classes, providing your child with a character building education

US TaeKwondDo Union


2:30 - 6:30

When students arrive at the Academy, they are escorted safetly inside, declare their homework at the Front Desk, change into their TaeKwonDo Uniforms (Doboks), store their belongings in an assigned cubbie and get ready for class. Once ready for class they will do their Homework. If homework is complete or there is no homework, the students may enjoy free-time with Friends and Schoolmates until time for TaeKwonDo class.

The Study Room - is supervised by qualified teachers/Individuals to help Students understand how to do their homework and then to check their homework for completeness and correctness. TaeKwonDo emphasizes Strength of Character, Mind and body. We teach and support this through making free study facilities to all of our students and their families, including: Reading and reference materials, supervised high speed internet access, computers, etc. The goal being Strength of Mind and providing the teachers did not assign too much homework, to complete their homework here and have good family time at home.

The Waiting Room (TaeKwonDo Community Family Room) - Every aspect of what we do is a teaching opportunity, including the recreation Students earn when their homework is done. This time can be used to enjoy a board game, Legos, art, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Wii and spending time with/making friends.   

4:10 - 4:55

TaeKwonDo Classes - for all children who have arrived by 4:10 pm

5:00 - 4:45 
TaeKwonDo Classes - for all children who have arrived after 4:10 pm

Possible Alternatives TaeKwonDo Class Time for later dismissal/arrival schools. Kiss & Ride for all Academy students from 5:00 - 5:45 & 6:00 - 6:15

On Early Dismissal Days and Teacher Workdays, there will be extended instruction at no extra charge. Our buses will pick the children up early. Training activities will be expanded in order make good use of the extra time. For example, there will be special lessons in what it means to be a martial artist, emphasizing the development of proper etiquette and good character and special training in topics such as coordination, confidence, concentration, etc. Try not to miss these days! They can be very valuable for your child's development in TaeKwonDo. 


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