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At the Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo, married and single adults are actively practicing the martial art of TaeKwonDo. The reason? TaeKwonDo provides many benefits in addition to learning self-defense. 


Strength of Body

TaeKwonDo is aerobic, tends to  flexibility and range of motion, strengthens the tones the body, heightens senses and sharpens reflexes through muscle memory. With persistent and consistent practice, the body also right sizes its weight burning off fats more quickly while building muscles. It tends to notably improve your metabolic rate, energy and power. 

Strength of Mind

TaeKwonDo increases oxygen to the brain allowing it to increase awareness, concentration and processing speed. The increase in awareness and concentration augments memory and thus learning. With TaeKwonDo, stress is released and peace is more attainable. An ability to become more self-disciplined, not only in your TaeKwonDo training but in all aspects of life, improve. 

Strength of Character

TaeKwonDo by its very nature builds character. From its origin, TaeKwonDo required strength of character; TaeKwonDo in the hands of someone who lacks character is a bad combination.  A TaeKwonDo practitioner learns persistence, confidence and an "I Can Do" attitude - TaeKwonDo's "Indomitable Spirit".

You will also meet others with the same strength of Body, Mind and Character goals, from all walks of life - Employers, Medical, Legal, Students, Engineers, Realtors, Teachers, etc. These are the kinds of life Friends and Mentors that we need and seek.

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