Young Eagles (3-6)

Welcome to the Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo. This special Academy is dedicated to maintaining high quality martial art instruction and the continued advancement and promotion of TaeKwonDo. This TaeKwonDo Academy is established to elevate the public’s understanding of this ancient art, to research the advancement of physical techniques, better health, moral character, and personal discipline. It has the responsibility to develop programs for all types of individuals so that they can benefit from TaeKwonDo practice and philosophy. It is a mission of the Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo to help all persons become champions of their own life and develop one’s fullest potential mentally,  physically and philosophically; to succeed in one’s education, family and work. Ultimately, achieving happiness, harmony and world peace.

This Academy prospers only through the endless and selfless support and participation of its members, instructors, students, families and friends.

I personally believe each student of TaeKwonDo is becoming a responsible and caring person. Each student’s instructor is certified by this academy’s strict code of qualifications and is highly trained in genuine martial arts. Together, we have made it possible for TaeKwonDo to be a part of your community. We are demonstrating that we care and that we hope to set an example for others to follow and that by doing so our community will grow strong and peaceful.

I believe with all my heart that responsible individuals, such as yourself,  can make the difference in our world. With the consistent practice of TaeKwonDo, one becomes a healthy sound individual who is able to live to their fullest extent and help others to do the same. With an awareness of one’s physical, mental and philosophical health, together we can eliminate violence and bring peace in the world.

Come Join Us Today and become a part of our TaeKwonDo family mission!

Grandmaster Heyon Kon Lee, “SaBooNim”,  President and Founder

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TaeKwonDo Form Practice 1

733 Elden St, Herndon, VA

(1,800 Square Feet)

from ​October, 1973

Transported Before & After School

Olympic Style Sparring Instruction

In October of 1973 Park's Karate School opened at 733 Elden Street, Herndon, Virginia. The very first in this area! Master H.K. Lee arrived from Korea and taught for Master Park in February 1976. In 1979 Master H.K. Lee assumed ownership or the school and changed it to the "Hyeon Lee TaeKwonDo" academy. Later, the school was renamed to "H.K. Lee's Academy of TaeKwonDo".

Due to Master H.K. Lee and the popularity of TaeKwonDo, it became necessary to accommodate the growing number of students. Master H.K. Lee could have expanded and franchised his Academy but he chose to relocate to a larger facility at 688 Spring Street so that he could have one best academy and oversee the quality of instruction rather than dividing his instruction between multiple facilities. 

In 2004, Grandmaster H.K. Lee again found it necessary to relocate for the same reasons, to an even larger facility where our Academy is currently located, at 465 Herndon Parkway in Herndon, Virginia.

TaeKwonDo Birthday Party

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World TaeKwonDo Federation

TaeKwonDo: What does Tae Kwon Do mean? Where and How did it originate? What are the benefits? Why is it so popular that it became the world standard for martial arts. Why was TaeKwonDo chosen to be an Olympic sport? What are the five major areas of TaeKwonDo practice? 

The Growing History of Grandmaster H.K. Lee's Academy of TaeKwonDo

Please View A Sample Of Our Instruction Programs Below.

Facility: The Grandmaster H.K. Lee Academy of TaeKwonDo is headquartered in a 17,000+ sq ft two story building with 3 large individual TaeKwonDo practice areas. It also includes a Homemork study room, Wait/Game room, Observation areas, Front Desk area, and Tutoring rooms. Our facility is co-located with Music Spectrum for the Arts, specifically: Classic Ballet, Modern and Bollywood dance, instrument and vocal training. The HErndon ART (HEART) fine art academy. 

TaeKwonDo Cane Defense

Basic Kumdo Instruction

Adult TaeKwonDo Classes

TaeKwonDo Hosinsool Classes

Kukkiwon World TaeKwonDo HQ

Sparring Conditioning Practice

Basic Kicking Instruction

688 Spring St, Herndon, VA

(7,000 Square Feet)

​from August 1983

Basic Instruction

Beginner's Breaking Instruction

G. Master H.K. Lee - a TV Interview

Advanced Breaking Instruction

Grandmaster H.K. Lee: Moved to the United States on February 10, 1976, later becoming a US citizen; invited by Grandmaster Chan Hak Park. Grandmaster HK Lee became a 9th Dan Black Belt, the highest rank officialy recognized by Kukkiwon, the world's HeadQuarters for TaeKwonDo. 9th Dan Black Belt, recognized by Korea Moo Duk Kwan. 9th Dan Black Belt, recognized by the World TaeKwonDo Federation which governs the Olympic sport of TaeKwonDo. But most importantly, our very beloved Grandmaster who is constantly teaching us the core values and practices of TaeKwonDo and life. 

465 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA

(17,000 Square Feet)

from June 2004

US TaeKwondDo Union


Youth TaeKwonDo Classes (7-12)

Practical Championship Sparring 

Directions: Not only is there a map to our location but individualized directions for many routes to our Dojang. If you get lost you can always call and we would be happy to guide you here. 

Sparring Strategy Instruction

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TaeKwonDo Form Practice 2

More Kicking Instruction

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